Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WAFFLE LADY WEDNESDAY: Yay, Giveaway time!!!

Back by popular demand....Waffle Lady Giveaway time! I've heard multiple times in this past two weeks that my friends and neighbors are bummed they missed out on the last Waffle Lady Gift Bag, so to satisfy one and all and get a few more peeps to learn about my very favorite product out there, IT'S GIVEAWAY TIME!

Win this gift bag and receive an awesome box of California Whole Wheat Pancake and Waffle Mix and a cup of Daily Oats! These healthy, tasty delights will not only satisfy your fam but thrill you when you realize that both are incredibly healthy and a terrific way to start your day.

Also, my awesome friend Lauren Brown was lucky enough to try Waffle Lady last week and will be discussing her thoughts today! Check her out on THE BLOG ADDICTS DAILY DIGEST, an awesome blog I read every single day! (THE BADD BLOG:

Enter a comment below, make sure to leave your email address and tell me your very favorite thing to eat for breakfast! Winners will be chosen randomly (but an awesome breakfast comment will earn you a few extra points) next Tuesday, September 6. Also, if you tell a friend to enter the contest and they tell me in their comment that you sent them, you will be entered to win an extra prize. The more people you send over, the more chances you have at winning!!!

Good Luck Friends!!!


  1. I heart breakfast! All things breakfast! If I could, I'd eat only breakfast for all my meals! So, I've decided to write an Ode to Breakfast. Here is a haiku:

    Eggs, bacon, waffles,
    pancakes, muffins, and syrup
    I will eat you up.

    I know, it's earth shattering.
    Three cheers for waffles!

  2. *Chelsea B sent me on over here to enter*

    Bfast is my absolute FAVORITE. I love it all. I am a sucker for a donut though. If there are donuts I simply HAVE to eat one....or 3.

    Lisa R.

  3. Chelsea B. sent me over here, for the love of waffles! =]

    My favorite breakfast is either a croissant with jelly, or these yummy breakfast muffins:

    so good!

    Sara K.

  4. My favorite is Baked Oatmeal! I was referred from the BADD blog :) I would love some mix!!!

  5. Chelsea B. asked me to check out this cool website!

    I must say my very fav breakfast is eggs, hash browns, and most importantly, a blueberry muffin! Mmmmmmm.

  6. Chelsea B suggested I come here! My favorite breakfast is eggs, melted cheese, and bacon on sourdough bread, yummy!

  7. Chelsea B told me about this. Being her mom I made her breakfast favorites, for dinner, on many nights....yummy!!!

    Carri F