Tuesday, September 6, 2011

TASTY TUESDAY! Waffle Lady Giveaway Winners!!!!!!!!!

Well fellow Crazy Mommas, the time has come to pick a WAFFLE WINNER! I am so excited and thankful for the tons of people who have emailed me and commented on my blogs for the chance to win these tasty treats over the past few weeks. I am an advocate for GOOD food and serving your family the absolute best products. The great thing about Waffle Lady Waffles, Oatmeal, Syrups and Granola is that you get some of the best stuff on earth yet are never reminded that its healthy (until you read the box)!

So.....thank you one and all for entering our latest giveaway and if you didn't win this time, I guarantee we will do it again!

Winner of the Gift bag: Jackie Welling

Winner of the refer a friend contest: Chelsea (not only for referring a ton of friends but also for writing a breakfast haiku!!!

Okay ladies! Email me your address and we are all set!!!!!

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