Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Fun Little Marshmallow Project!

My daughter's school decided a three day weekend wasn't enough, a four day weekend would be much better. So on this day after Labor day, I was looking for new little projects to do with the kiddos. Enter my favorite entertainment and arts and crafts wonder woman Amy Locurto at Amy has a million and one incredible ideas and I'm always game to give them a try. Today she was painting marshmallows which immediately I wanted to do to!!!!

I tried Amy's way which included mixing bright food coloring with milk in many different shades, in individual cups. The kids and I had a blast making marshmallow magic. The colors weren't totally bright once on the fluffy cushion of goodness, which may have been because my food coloring is kind of lame, but whatever the case we had fun. My kiddo even remarked, "Mom this is the best project ever, lets do it everyday!"

After a while we had surpassed the milky paint and were itching for something better. A lightbulb went off in my head. I melted some Candy Melts which I always have on hand for treat making (but white chocolate would work too), we made some small sections of the stuff on a plate and used food coloring to make our very own pallet. Our second painting project looked to be just as much fun as the last! This time we used toothpicks instead of paintbrushes and it was a blast. The kids were concentrating and meticulously working on each little curve of their canvas. The marshmallows were gloopy and silly (and this project doesn't last forever because the melts and chocolate will eventually harden) but so much fun to do. We had a great time sitting on a picnic blanket on the kitchen floor, cross-legged, bumping knees and trading colors and brushes. The kids squealed with glee when I told them they could eat their masterpieces. REALLY MOM!?!?!?! they screamed in absolute heaven. BEST DAY EVER....for them and for me!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

TASTY TUESDAY! Waffle Lady Giveaway Winners!!!!!!!!!

Well fellow Crazy Mommas, the time has come to pick a WAFFLE WINNER! I am so excited and thankful for the tons of people who have emailed me and commented on my blogs for the chance to win these tasty treats over the past few weeks. I am an advocate for GOOD food and serving your family the absolute best products. The great thing about Waffle Lady Waffles, Oatmeal, Syrups and Granola is that you get some of the best stuff on earth yet are never reminded that its healthy (until you read the box)!

So.....thank you one and all for entering our latest giveaway and if you didn't win this time, I guarantee we will do it again!

Winner of the Gift bag: Jackie Welling

Winner of the refer a friend contest: Chelsea (not only for referring a ton of friends but also for writing a breakfast haiku!!!

Okay ladies! Email me your address and we are all set!!!!!