Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Mischief: Her Comes Kindergarten

Today after a two months of sleeping late and letting the kids lounge a bit, I woke them up at 6:30. Tomorrow is the first day of Kindergarten and we must be prepared!

As I think about my munchkin's progress, growth and sudden maturity into a school age child it fills me with pride and sadness. I have a hard time watching people grow old anyway, so seeing my own pride and joy becoming a little person rather than my baby is heart wrenching, although beautiful. I want her to be all she can be, I want her to discover all her dreams and know I am always behind her. I want my little angel to be a good person with outstanding morals, unwavering strength and a solid head on her shoulders. I pray she can attack this life and one day look back at it with immense pride. I want it to be, no matter what, HER life. Not mine, not her husbands or her friends. I hope she always knows at her core that the world is hers, to make of it what SHE wants!

In the past few weeks, possibly with the looming knowledge of Kindergarten coming and my days slightly less chaotic (so I think but something tells me one child at home will be even more difficult than two....) I've been trying to establish my freelance writing career and another website. Not sure why I do these things, always looking to cram my schedule to its limit...but I somehow sense I'm trying to do exactly what I want for my daughter. To build a life I can be proud of...a life I can one day look back at and know I attacked each tiny possibility and filled each day with fun, love and excitement. I want to constantly evolve and make my ever changing dreams come true.

Check out my first freelance article:

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