Tuesday, August 30, 2011

TASTY TUESDAY! Yummy Beer Battered Onion Rings

YUM! BBQ season is winding down which would explain why we've spent the past couple weekends making as many summer BBQ meals as possible. While checking my recipe book for some tasty side dishes to go along with burgers, hot dogs or pulled pork sandwiches I remembered these oh-so-satisfying rings of crunchy goodness. Last summer I made these far too often and they became a regular item whenever my hubby's friends were watching a hockey, football or basketball game in our living room (they raved and requested them again and again!)


1. One cup flour, plus half cup flour
2. One cup any type of beer
3. Kosher salt and Crushed Black Pepper, to taste
4. One onion sliced the thickness you'd like your rings
5. One large pot with about 5 inches of vegetable oil

-Mix one cup flour and beer together with a whisk. Pour through a strainer to get rid of lumps. Let sit for 15 minutes.
-Take half cup four, season with salt and pepper and set on a plate.
- Warm oil over medium heat. I never use a thermometer...just warm it overmedium heat for about 10 minutes.
-Once batter has set for 15 minutes, take onion rings, dip in dry flour and then place in beer batter. Toss a small 1/4 teaspoon of batter in oil and see if it starts frying, if not wait for oil to become hotter.
-Take two or three at a time, dripping with batter (better to be COVERED in batter, then sorta kinda covered) and drop in oil.
-move onion rings around in oil with tongs until desired doneness, preferably golden brown.
-Remove rings from oil and place on a paper towel on a plate, season with kosher salt. Continue process until all have been fried.
CAUTION: OIL IS careful.
CAUTION: Beer battered onion rings are addictive

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